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Interested in volunteering your time?  It's easy! Just fill out our volunteer form. You may download the form, print it, fill it out, and return it to the shelter, or simply use our convenient online application.

Download Volunteer Form

Home Phone:
Would you prefer to work with dogs or cats? Dogs
Both dogs and cats
Please let us know any specific areas you would like to volunteer for, list any applicable skills, or simply use the check boxes below:
General Office Help
Computer Input
Medical Assistant
Running Errands
General Maintenance (mowing, sweeping, carpentry, etc.)
Calling Adopters or Volunteers
Walking and/or Socializing Dogs
Socializing Cats
Specialized Training and Behavior
Holiday Relief for Staff
Mailing the Newsletter
Showing Animals to Visitors
Please list any physical limitations or conditions that may prevent you from performing certain duties:
By clicking "I Agree," I understand that working with animals carries an inherent risk. I agree to release from liability, medical or otherwise, the Enid SPCA, all members, officers, veterinarians, staff, and any other persons associated with the Enid SPCA, should I suffer any physical injury, illness, or other condition during the course of my volunteer duties. I agree not to perform any activities that I feel may jeopardize my own health or cause me injury. I understand that I am to provide my own medical insurance, and seek medical care for myself and/or minor child in the event an injury should occur while volunteering, and I am liable for any and all medical costs.