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Pets for Seniors Program

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Bringing Together Shelter Animals and Senior Citizens

Your tax-deductible donations are needed to help fund this new program!


The Pets for Seniors Program, a partnership between the Enid Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program, matches senior citizens (age 60+) with companion  animals that currently reside at the Enid SPCA shelter, subsidizes the adoption fee, offers post-adoption support, and provides emergency assistance for seniors who are at risk of losing companion animals.


The Pets for Seniors Program has three primary goals:

  1. To find permanent homes for shelter dogs and cats, with preference given to animals five years or age or older.
  2. To provide both animal and human companionship for senior citizens.
  3. To provide support for seniors who are temporarily at risk of losing companion animals due to medical emergencies, financial hardship, or displacement, and thus reduce the number of  animals that are permanently surrendered, abandoned, or euthanised.

Ready to help? Simply make a donation to the Enid SPCA and indicate that you wish to support The Pets for Seniors Program.